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Do you have questions about your career in international cooperation (IC)? Where is it heading, what are your chances in applying for certain positions, how should you handle your current professional situation and what should your next steps be? Career advice allows you to explore your questions so that you can better assess your situation and position yourself accordingly. We provide information, and advise and support you throughout the process.


Career advice can cover all aspects of a career, including:

  • reflecting on your professional situation, now and in the future;
  • rethinking the parameters of your IC career;
  • clarifying your profile, competencies and preferences;
  • working towards decisions and goals for your career development;
  • planning how to get into IC or crossing over into another sector;
  • Information about job requirements, employers and application, among others.

We help you clarify your situation, discuss with you your questions and ideas on opportunities in and the requirements of the IC labour market. Together, we review your motivation, elaborate on your potential and analyse possible future paths, as well as concrete steps.

Depending on your situation, a single session may suffice. However, a process involving a number of sessions often leads to a lasting impact on your career development. Intensive career advice, including an assessment of competencies, requires six hours.

For whom

Experienced and junior specialists employed in IC, both at the headquarters and abroad, regardless of what professional phase they are in. Partners can also be advised. We also assist specialists from other sectors.


  • A single session of 60 minutes. Additional sessions can also be booked.
  • A package of six hours (6 x 60 minutes or 4 x 90 minutes). A reduction on the hourly rate is given for the package. Price: CHF 970 / Member price: CHF 820

You can also opt for a package after a single session. (The costs will be adjusted.)


You can receive career advice in person at cinfo in Bienne, by telephone or Skype.

on-site and online
Bienne or online
CHF 180 / 970
Member price
CHF 150 / 820

The reduced fee applies to employees of member organisations of Network cinfo (except educational institutions).

Please inform cinfo at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to attend an appointment. Failure to do so will result in an invoice being issued for the missed appointment.


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