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22 September in Berne

L'année 2016 de cinfo a été marquée par de nombreux nouveaux projets et défis. Lesquels? Vous trouverez la réponse dans notre rapport annuel.


What drives the careers of Swiss professionals who work for UN agencies or International Financial Institutions? Why do people decide to join, remain or...

Grâce à un incroyable travail d’équipe avec Roland Siegenthaler (illustrations) et Hynek Bures (animation), cinfo dispose désormais d’une très sympathique...


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Technology has revolutionised the way in which organisations interact with their staff in the field. Increasingly, teams are directed at a distance by project managers and coordinators from headquarters in Switzerland.

However, remote teams cannot be managed in the same way as on-site teams. It is much more complicated to create a shared identity, ensure group cohesion and adherence to common objectives. Daniel Glinz, senior Advisor and Trainer at cinfo, presents the training course Leading Remote Teams and explains the issues involved.

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